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Landratsamt Schwäbisch Hall
Münzstrasse 1
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Phone: 0791 755-0
Fax: 0791 755-7362
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PO box address:
Postfach 11 04 53
74507 Schwäbisch Hall

Fantastic Insiders’ Tips

Cycling, hiking, wellness with salt and salt water, old towns, castles and any amount of cultural activities. The area between the Rivers Kocher and Jagst is one of the most beautiful in Baden-Württemberg. However, the Schwäbisch Hall District is still an insiders’ tip.

The special attractions include the cycling paths along the Rivers Kocher, Jagst and Bühler, the Würth Art Gallery in Schwäbisch Hall, the Wackershofen Open-Air Museum and naturally the numerous castles and historical towns situated throughout the District.

The Schwäbisch Hall District is the only place where you will find restaurants bearing the quality symbol “Hohenloher Servicegasthöfe“. The starred restaurants are becoming increasingly more well-known and the conference hotels in the District have an excellent reputation.

A very powerful and unique interaction between tourism and agriculture has developed in the District - and shows no signs of stopping.

The Hohenlohe tourist guides and the organised group trips in which nature, culture, agriculture, viticulture and rural life are presented are becoming a trademark along with the initiatives of the Agricultural Producers’ Association and other direct agricultural marketing organisations.

The Hohenlohe + Schwäbisch Hall Tourist Authority will be pleased to help you prepare an excursion or a holiday in the Schwäbisch Hall District. You can find more information at: Hohenlohe-Tourismus.