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Landratsamt Schwäbisch Hall
Münzstrasse 1
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Phone: 0791 755-0
Fax: 0791 755-7362
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PO box address:
Postfach 11 04 53
74507 Schwäbisch Hall

Geography - Area of 1,484 km²

The population of the Schwäbisch Hall District is spread over an area of 1,484 km², which is equivalent to a density of 127 persons per one square kilometre. The District is therefore one of the most sparsely populated regions in Germany where the average population density is 230 inhabitants per one square kilometre.

The car registration numbers prefix for the District are SHA and CR.

The District’s economy is characterised by a good mix of companies and businesses. Manufacturing industry, especially the capital goods industry (mechanical engineering) is very well-represented. Other important industries include electrical engineering, the metal goods industry, automotive component suppliers, the woodworking industry, the food industry and the paper and printing industry.

The largest service provider in the District is the Schwäbisch Hall Building Society, whose head office is located in the district capital of the same name.

The former imperial and salt producing town is also the centre of tourism and culture in the District. The special attractions for visitors and people looking for relaxation include the Kocher and Jagst Valleys.

Sections of the "Hohenlohe Plain", the "Swabian-Franconian Forest Hills" and the "Franconian Heights” are located in the Schwäbisch Hall District. The two right-hand tributaries of the River Neckar, i.e. the Jagst and Kocher, flow through the District.