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Landratsamt Schwäbisch Hall
Münzstrasse 1
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Phone: 0791 755-0
Fax: 0791 755-7362
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PO box address:
Postfach 11 04 53
74507 Schwäbisch Hall

Welcome by the District Chief Executive

A very warm welcome to the homepage of the Schwäbisch Hall District. I am delighted that you are using the Internet to obtain information about our District. On this homepage you will find a wide range of useful and interesting information about the district administration in general, the individual institutions and organs in detail, and our towns and municipalities.

The World Wide Web is becoming more and more a part of our everyday life and makes many things much easier. Distances are becoming insignificant and speed no longer calls for any wizardry. I, too, am convinced of the numerous advantages which the Internet offers us as a fast and sheer inexhaustible source of information.

An increasing number of people are recognising and utilising the advantages of this modern medium. It has never been so easy to discover, for example, the opening hours of public authorities or the range of services provided by individual offices. These services can also be used directly online to an ever greater extent. The reservation of a personalised car registration number under the section “Civic Services“ was merely a beginning in the Schwäbisch Hall District. More and more online forms are also available to make your dealings with our authority easier.

Our homepage contains a link to the online portal service of Baden-Württemberg, which provides other valuable advice and describes all conceivable situations ranging from adoption and driving licences through to immigration.

Please use the quick and easy e-mail method if you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding our work. You will receive an answer as quickly as possible. If you want to inform me directly about a personal matter, you can do so by sending an e-mail.

Despite all the advantages afforded by the Internet and, thus, our homepage, I still hope that you will pay us a personal visit in order to gain your own impressions and see for yourself the wide range of possibilities in our marvellous Schwäbisch Hall District.

Gerhard Bauer
District Chief Executive